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5 foods that will speed up metabolism

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Are you trying to shift a bit of unwanted ab flab before the festive season then choosing foods that speed up your metabolic rate could be vitally important…Here are my 5 foods to boost your metabolism. Why not add them to your shopping list this week & combine alongside a healthy nutrient rich ‘Clean Eating’ menu plan & you will be well on your way to shifting excess pounds!!

What is your metabolism?

Metabolism describes the chemical processes involved in keeping your body going, including breathing, organ function & digesting food. The number of calories your body burns is down to your metabolic rate & If you skip meals, are inactive & don't get all the vitamins you need, then it's likely your metabolism will slow down.



Capsaicin, a compound in most chilli peppers, has been found to have multiple health benefits. Not only is it shown to work as an anti-inflammatory, it also can thin the blood to aid in the prevention of blood clots & speed up metabolism. Research has shown that those who consumed a spicy meal saw their metabolic rate increase by around 8%, & that participants who ate food containing chilli burned more calories than those who were given an unspiced dish.


Asparagus is very low in calories & their high levels of vitamin B have been shown to up metabolism, which supports a healthy metabolism. It is also high in fibre & other antioxidants, which help to maintain your insulin levels & keep you feeling fuller for longer. Try having them dipped in boiled eggs for breakfast instead of toast.


A study has found that participants lost approximately 7.1 percent body weight after 12 weeks following a diet including grapefruit juice & researchers also noticed a reduction in body fat & waist measurements that was down to consuming grapefruit before meals.

  1. WATER

Ensuring you drink plenty of water is a really simple way to increase your metabolism quickly. Studies have shown that drinking 500ml of water can up your metabolic rate by 30% whilst being even mildly dehydrated can have the opposite effect. In one study, participants who drank 8 glasses of water a day burned more calories than those who only had 4, so try filling up a 2 litre bottle in the morning, so you can drink it throughout the day.


Studies have found that drinking between 3-5 cups of green tea a day can be a simple way of boosting metabolism as well as acting as an effective appetite suppressant.

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