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The Truth About Nuts!

Tracy Dixon Mind and Body Fit

Here is my take on nuts & it might surprise you!! Nuts are high in fat right? So how do they impact on abdominal fat, Body Mass Index, Weight & FAT LOSS? Here is my ‘GUIDE TO NUTS’ the real deal… truth about NUT NUTRITION revealed!

I absolutely LOVE nuts, but how many nuts can you grab for 100 calories? Which nuts? What’s the nutritional value of nuts? I would like to share with you my TOP NUT FACTS, so you can feel well informed & make great food choices.


  1. If you grab a handful of nuts this is how many of each type you can have for 100 calories…

  • Cashews 12

  • Almonds 14

  • Pistachios 30

  • Brazils 3

  • Walnuts 4

  1. Almonds are high in vitamin E, which improves the condition of your skin

  1. Brazils are a good source of selenium, which we need to produce the active thyroid function

  1. Cashews offer a good level of protein & have good levels of iron & zinc

  1. Pecans are packed with B3, which helps us to access energy form our food

  1. Walnuts are amazing they help to lower bad cholesterol & are rich in Omega 3

  1. Researchers found that regular nut eaters (3 times a week) had lower abdominal fat & lower body mass index (BMI). Compared to people who ate no nuts at all.

  1. NUTS help you feel fuller for longer, so they can contribute to excellent ab fat loss results combined with a wide & varied diet full of nutrient dense fresh foods & of course COMBINE that with the right EXERCISES & you have a recipe for excellent health & vitality.

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Have a healthy clean eating week


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