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Shocker- unhealthy foods marketed as healthy and what to eat instead?

DAY 5️⃣ GET BACK ON TRACK... Foods to avoid to lose excess fat and weight and what to eat instead.. 💗 Love you to 'Like' and 'Share' Thank you Tracy x . Reduce your belly fat and AVOID putting extra fat/weight on. HOW? . It can be a minefield out there sorting your way through foods that are marketed as 'healthy' but are actually loaded with sugar & unhealthy fat .. leaving you feeling unsatisfied & bloated. They just pile on pounds & body fat really quickly STRAIGHT ON YOUR MIDRIFF & can expand your waistline in a matter of days with bloating & excess sugar being stored as FAT on your BELLY.. Here is my list to AVOID- WHY & alternatives to consider instead... . 1- CEREAL BARS . WHY- A seemingly harmless replacement to breakfast or a quick grab snack when your out, cereal bars are totally loaded with sugar and salt with the average bar containing a whopping 500 calories. E.G The kellogs breakfast bar has 9 grms of sugar and 8grms of fat. . WHAT TO EAT/BUY INSTEAD- In a hurry hard boiled eggs, sushi, nuts, greek yoghurt. All easy to buy and eat straight away. Giving you loads of energy and boosting your fat burning immediately. . 2- BOUGHT GRANOLA . WHY- Typically it is made from rolled oats, granola sounds healthy but actually contains huge amounts of sugar or fat and little fibre. This is because most manufacturers use sugar and honey to bind the oats together. . WHAT TO EAT INSTEAD- Here is my Clean Granola Recipe It serves 4-5 (you can find all the ingredients in Holland & Barrett) 400g gluten free oats or millet flakes 200g mixed nuts 1/2 bag mixed seeds 2tbsp coconut oil (now stocked in booths) 4 tbsp cashew butter berries 1 tbsp cinnamon 1/2 tbsp ground ginger . put your oven on at 200*c pop baking paper on a tray and lightly oil mix all dry ingredients in a bowl and then add melted coconut oil and cashew butter spread on the tray cook for 30 mins, stir a couple of times during the bake add your berries about 15 mins before or save a handful to have on top stir well and allow to cool store in an airtight box . 3- YOGHURTS . WHY- yoghurt is a great source of calcium, vitamin B12, potassium, magnesium and it can help with the digestion of carbs. BUT LOW FAT & FRUIT VERSIONS can contain up to 8 TEASPOONS of sugar, which is more than some chocolate bars!! . WHAT TO EAT INSTEAD- Greek Yoghurt with a handful of nuts will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied without piling on pounds from the excess sugar. . 4- FRUIT JUICES & SMOOTHIES . WHY- they are packed full of fruit and sound healthy and fresh but can actually be the opposite! Fruit is loaded with natural sugar, which is good for us in very small amounts- and fibre. Bought fruit juices and smoothies contain all the sugar with none of the good stuff. Some smoothies can contain up to 1,000 calories and 10 teaspoons of sugar which is outrageous for a drink and a disaster if you are wanting to shift midriff body fat and weight. . WHAT TO DRINK INSTEAD- water is ideal 1/2 litres each day will hydrate you and quench your thirst or fruit teas. . I hope this is useful. Remember it is all the little changes that add up and make the biggest differences.


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