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My goals felt out of reach.. back from a running injury & hit all my goals in 42 days. I'm amazed!

I THOUGHT WHAT I WANTED WAS IMPOSSIBLE- I’m amazed by the results I’ve achieved in 42 days…. Read on to see what Sarah did, how & why?


“I came to Tracy with a serious hip injury that stopped me from running early summer.

I knew I needed to build my strength & come back from injury & do things differently to prevent further setbacks.

My goals felt out of reach. I thought what I wanted was impossible…

I’ve hit ALL my personal goals; my hip injury is recovered & I’m running stronger than ever.

I’ve completely changed my body composition; shape, body fat & weight.

I’m amazed by the results”!!



Sarah’s main aims & how we measured them:

• To build strength (measured by increasing weights lifted overtime & recovering hip injury muscular imbalances)

• Improve body composition (measured by body fat %, scales weight, inch loss & pictures)

• Improve body image (measured by pictures, feelings, clothes)



“There are a lot of mixed messages around sports nutrition & Tracy’s approach has been a complete game changer for me.

I am stronger than I have ever been & understand fitness and nutrition on a whole new level.

What’s more Tracy makes it feel completely accessible & totally achievable. If you have a goal that feels slightly out of reach, I can’t recommend Tracy highly enough.

She provides a wealth of knowledge & guidance that will make all the difference, & her enthusiasm & positivity is completely infectious”



I designed personalised eating & exercise plans which combined classes; strength training, spinning, yoga, core training.

The plans fit around Sarah’s lifestyle, personality, job, dietary needs & preferences.

Accountability, objectivity & understanding why empowers good decision making.

All achieved through face to face 1:1’s, & daily check-ins.



An incredible transformation of mind & body!

You look fresh, healthy & I’m so happy that you feel confident in yourself & strong.

It’s really hard coming back from injuries. You’re back to being able to do what you love- run…

Your determination, consistency & desire to learn, listen & integrate everything into your life has been amazing to see unfolding.

Thank you for allowing us a peak inside your world, for your kind words & sharing your story.

Love Tracy x

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