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🏌️‍♂️ I was unable to play golf... my back pain was unbearable...

'I am now touching 70 this year but for many years I’ve suffered from back problems. The problems came to a head a few years ago after I retired and was unable to play golf because the pain was unbearable.

I tried anything and everything that I could to deal with it but unfortunately nothing seemed to work, including physiotherapy.

I looked for anything that could give me some relief and get back to some form of normality. That’s when I discovered ‘Pilates’, I was looking on the internet and read about the impact it had on the body etc.

I then discovered that Tracy held regular classes in Kendal that catered for beginners and virtually begged to be a part of it.

The classes included people from a wide range of ages, from young to old, and it proved to be an incredible experience after taking part in my first session.

I knew straight away that my back pain was beginning to ease as a direct result of the ‘Pilates’ exercises.

After two or three sessions my back pain had completely disappeared and I was able to go back to playing golf with confidence.

The Pandemic created a void and although I continued playing golf, there were days I felt twinges in my back, however, I’m now attending weekly classes and the impact has been nothing short of brilliant and my golf has improved with a handicap of 10.5.

My advice to anyone of any age who has back problems is simply to give ‘Pilates’ a try and you won’t be disappointed'

Joe Murray QPM

Thank you so much Joe.

Your kinds words are very much appreciated.

Your positive energy is infectious and you're an inspiration.

It's never too late..

You're never too old..

Please don't settle for pain and discomfort.

Reach out to me. If back, hip, neck, shoulder pain is stopping you from living your life the way you want to.

With 3O years continuous experience and constant learning. I know I can help you.

Tracy x


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