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⭐ FAT LOSS | FITNESS | SPIN + STRENGTH 🚴‍♂️🏋️‍♂️Andy conquers the 116 mile Fred Whitton cycle..

⭐ 21 pounds lighter than this time last year, stronger and fitter than ever against the driving rain and howling gales.... read on👇 for HOW? ⭐ Congratulations Andy. 🧡 What an incredible achievement. .

In April Andy approached me and told me he was doing the Fred Whitton cycle at the end of September. . ✔ From that day onward Andy’s aims 👉 · To complete training strong and injury free ready for the event · To weigh less but maintain strength, power and stamina · To improve hill cycling, stamina, endurance. 🙋‍♂️ HOW Andy did it? · Pilates every week to build concrete core strength. · Body Pump to build overall muscle strength and power. · 1-3 Spinning classes every week to work on fat loss, aerobic endurance, leg stamina, and fitness. · Andy altered his diet to match his training needs to shed more than a stone, to refuel and recover well, especially after longer cycles. . 🚶‍♂️ Dedication, commitment, small steps everyday… A huge undertaking completed with passion, skill and well thought through training. . ‘’Your amazing Spin classes Trace have without a doubt helped me conquer the major climbs of the Fred Whitton this year.. Newlands Pass’’ . If you want to improve your aerobic fitness, focus on fat loss, increase your leg tone, strength and feel amazing… . My indoor Spinning Classes will deliver you those results and give you more energy. . It's low impact and kind to your joints making it an ideal class for those of you who want to get fit without jumping around and you enjoy tracking your progress with tangible statistics. . Click 🔗here to see my 9 weekly Spinning classes.… ✅ Pay as you go ✅ Classes suitable for beginners, all ages and capabilities. 🚴‍♂️MORE MOTIVATION TO START SPINNING WITH ME THIS AUTUMN... ⭐WOW.. The Saturday Sprint 5OO class had a calorie burn of 814 for Andy with an average heart rate of 167bpm.. The class experience, atmosphere and feel good factor.. fantastic . Have a super evening. Any questions about classes, nutrition, fitness, fat loss, please ask me. Let me help you and give you the right 'tools' to achieve your goals. Love Tracy x To book your Spinning Class ☎ Text me O77O9 594 947

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