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BACK PAIN | SURGERY | COMPLICATIONS🔻How Anna saved herself from a wheelchair & come back stronger..

"Pilates has done more for me in 12 months than all my medical interventions have over the last 8 years…

I have Arachnoiditis a debilitating condition.

My back is permanently damaged.

I’m in constant pain.

I’ve found it hard to come to terms with....


You’ve been there for me & your support & knowledge is fantastic.

You have helped me get my life back after being housebound for years.

Tracy, you have changed my life, for that I am eternally grateful.


The doctors said I would be in a wheel chair by now if I hadn’t started Pilates.

After severe back problems disc surgery & further complications, (11 months ago),

I was assisted into Tracy’s chair exercise class. I could hardly walk or balance.

I was housebound for years, on morphine, depressed could hardly walk or move.


Fast forward 1 year I now do Pilates 3/ 4 times a week with Tracy.

It has strengthened all my core & muscles around my back & has given me back my mobility & improved my balance.


This journey started 8 years ago. I have been to see so many doctors, had surgery, been to the pain clinic, had to give up my job. I was devastated. Coming to terms with it has been very difficult.

I know now that my future is about staying as strong as I can & getting stronger which is helping me physically & mentally. I’m waiting for stem cell treatment & I’m now off morphine & managing my pain more comfortably".


⭐Anna loved her job & being active. She had to give it all up.

When Anna walked into her first class, her eyes were black, she was completely off balance & explained to me people often thought she was drunk & that it had knocked all her confidence.


My heart went out to Anna. I knew if she managed 3 sessions that there was a strong chance, I could help her get stronger both physically & mentally, regain her confidence & work on motor skills, balance, coordination, mobility & pain reduction.

Anna is an amazingly resilient & inspiring person…


There was a lot of hopelessness BUT I felt this was her last try, the last chance before giving up.

I offered her the 1% hope, the vision of a better future & the trust built up from there.

Now Anna smiles a lot, has hope & can see & feel the difference, as she continues to improve.


💗 Thank you for sharing your journey so openly with us Anna, your kind words & for trusting me when you have been let down so many times.

I feel privileged & very humble.


Lots of Love

Tracy x

P.S Struggling with your back, pain?

Please don't ignore it..

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