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Joe's bad back had stopped him playing golf. Pilates got him back on the green....

Pilates Classes Kendal

Playing better golf than ever before at the age of 67...

It’s awful when you have back pain and it stops you from enjoying the things you want to do.

This is Joe’s story in his own words below.

A remarkable turnaround, giving hope and inspiration to anyone who thinks you have to put up with it- you don’t….


I have worked with so many individuals like Joe who have just about given up… It’s never too late. There are so many ways to prevent back problems, help them get better, stronger, reduce pain altogether and rehabilitate, when you understand; the person, the mechanics, the conditions and then can offer a pathway towards recovery.

Joe's own words....

I am 67 years of age, retired and love to play golf, however, in recent years I have suffered from a bad back which on some occasions has prevented me from playing a sport that I dearly love. I’ve tried various means to improve my back with no effect whatsoever. However, I discovered Pilates as a last resort, not knowing anything about it, and asked Tracy if I could attend her classes. I was a bit sceptical because of my age etc, however, I was made to feel very welcome and before my first session I had a conversation with Tracy about my problem and she could included exercises tailored specifically for back ache etc. After the first session of Pilates I thought I’d been given a new back, unbelievable. I now go every week and the positive impact on my back has been incredible, so much so that my golf has improved, likewise my posture and my all round fitness. My golf has improved to the point that I’m hitting a ball further than some senior golfers have been on holiday, or so they tell me.

If you have a similar problem, my advice would be to get in touch with Tracy, no matter what age you are, you will feel the benefits almost immediately and give yourself a ‘feel good’ effect as well.

Joe Murray QPM

June 2019


If you would like to start Pilates Classes with me you can click on the link here to see all the weekly pay as you go Pilates Classes in Kendal.

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