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My Top 11 Tips for Starting a New Clean Eating Plan

Tracy Dixon Fitness Classes Kendal

Making new habits stick is all about being consistent, planning and choice making.

  • Being super strict is unrealistic....

  • Not having small milestones set up is demotivating....

  • Not being clear about what you want means you never really feel like your succeeding....

Here are my 11 Super Tips for starting a new healthy eating plan

and more importantly making it stick to become your


>> Choose the best day of the week to sit down and plan your meals for the week ahead.

>> Make a shopping list that contains everything you need and nothing else.

>> If you are 'time poor' order on-line and get it delivered at a time to suit you.

>> Every meal include; complex carbs, protein and good fats as they all have a vital role to play in your health, fitness and well-being.

>> Get your quantities right. Half of your plate needs to be veg, quarter of your plate protein; eggs, fish, meat, tofu and the other quarter complex carbs; brown rice, sweet potatoes.

>> Prepare as many of your meals as you can in advance.

Batch cook, freeze, make sure you have your lunches organised everyday and never skip meals.

>> Hunger and thirst signals can become confused.

Make sure you drink at least two litres of water a day and then you do not confuse thirst signals for hunger.

>> Remember fizzy flavoured water is loaded with sugar. Simply drink plain water to avoid spiking your blood sugar levels and

piling on midsection weight gain.

>> If you are out or get caught out, remind yourself what you want and make good choices.

>> If you fall off the band wagon, don't beat yourself up, move on very quickly, don't over think or ruminate.

Make a better choice the next opportunity you have.

Need help with your food?

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Have a super week getting organised with your food.


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