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How to Bounce back to Fitness after a break with my 4 Top Tips

After holidays, illness, injury, baby breaks sometimes the thought of getting back your fitness can be a bit overwhelming..

It can be fantastic to have a change of pace, catching up with family, different distractions and it's all ok...

BUT when it's time to get started again.. what are the main areas to focus on that will get your fitness and mojo back safe and fast?

Weather it is too shift a few extra Christmas pounds, regain your tone or start afresh from the beginning....

The basic exercise principles are the same in all cases.

Diving in too fast, too hard, with the wrong blend of exercises- thinking you can pick up seamlessly were you left off is unrealistic..

It can set you off on the wrong path, cause muscular imbalances, leave you vulnerable and present weak physical links further down the line. You get what you train for..... if it is one hour a week or 9.

You have to build yourself up from your current starting point.



  • Include one core training session a week. Pilates, Core and More, Mission to Condition, Fit Ball. This is essential to build up the foundation of your core strength and stabilisation. Working on any muscular imbalances, weak links, posture issues and flexibility. It is a good solid platform to build all the rest of your fitness plan on.

  • Do Cardio each day. Getting your heart rate up each day will boost your mood and your aerobic fitness. Start steady and build with one 4 minute Tabata HIIT a day. Here is the link to my YouTube Channel with over 5 Tabata Workouts for all levels of Fitness...

  • Functional Fitness, Strength Resistance Training. At least once a week will build your inner mental and physical strength, burn fat, build lean muscle, increase your bone density avoiding osteoporosis, regulates blood sugar and hormone levels. Lifting weights is essential for our well-being on many levels. Start low and build up your weights over time under supervision focusing on technique.

  • Work on your Mind and Body Connection. Once a week will pay huge dividends for your overall well-being; reducing and managing stress, time for you, learning to relax and 'switch' off, breathing properly and deeply, calming your mind, reducing anxiety, releasing physical and mental tension. Yoga is my absolute number one 'go to' for this mega mind/body benefit.

Be prepared to ache, to feel out of your comfort zone, to keep an open mind AND.....

Very quickly you will start to feel stronger, fitter, able to do more.. you will have more energy, your shape will start changing, you will feel more motivated THEN....

You will be seeking the next level of progression.

Everything in life has a process with steps.

I will be with you every step of the way working on your our health, fitness, well-being, physical and mental strength has to be one of the best life long investments we can ever make.

Here is the link to the Full 2018 Group Exercise Class Timetable- Kendal

Tracy x

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