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Lifestyle Club Core and More gets outstanding results...

Tracy your TOTAL body Transformation is outstanding, Jaw Dropping, Amazing!!😵 You can achieve this too with Club Core and More..

Lifestyle Club Core and More Classes Kendal gets outstanding body transformation results

You deserve a huge congratulations👏… I know how hard you have worked to get your results and I am very proud of you… Tracy’s Results: ✔️Lost 3 stone in scales weight ✔️Over 10 inches from her stomach ✔️Over 5 inches off the top of each thigh Arms, waist, hips, back all lost inches, body fat and now super toned up.. ✔️Lowering her Body Fat into a lean, healthy zone

CONSISTENCY- Tracy is one of the most consistent people I have ever met. Tracy has just steadily kept chipping away at it every day, each week, each month and LOOK at the results….

Tracy’s weekly class schedule 💪🏋👙🔥🔥

MONDAY, TUESDAY or FRIDAY Club Core and More Classes with personal emails on Clean Eating Recipes, Nutrition, Meal Plans, Exercise Advice, Mind-set Tips/Strategies.

THURSDAY 9.15am- INOSITY HIIT @ Large Parish Church Kendal https://👉

What Tracy has achieved is amazing. I remember when she first started classes. Tracy always arrives before anyone else is keen, eager and gives her all in classes…

So much is possible when you set your mind into action and have a direction Tracy x

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