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3 Top Tips for burning deep seated fat stores!

Tracy Dixon mind and body fit

Struggling to burn your deep seated FAT STORES? Are there always some bits you cannot shift no matter how hard you try?

I would like to share with you My TOP 3 TIPS what to BUY, EAT & DO to shift FAT…. Moving away from continuously burning ready energy from sugars that never tap your fat stores…..How to turn yourself from a SUGAR BURNING MACHINE to a SUPER FAT BURNING MACHINE!!.... In 3 EASY STEPS.

Eating well, burning fat, reducing bloating & stomach discomfort, feeling good & getting in shape ALL require conscious thought, planning & effort.

I want to make it simple for you to make happen NOW.

Below are my 3 ‘Must do’s’


Good fats & proteins have corresponding hormones that coordinate with our brains to switch off appetite when we have eaten enough. FRUCTOSE (sugar) has no 'switch off' hormone!!

GOOD FATS fuel our metabolisms & are required to activate metabolism & absorb essential vitamins A,E,D and K- nuts, avocadoes, seeds, cheese, eggs, coconut oil have a lot of positive health benefits.

Start your day with a protein rich breakfast; omelette, frittata, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, salmon….


** Combine with drinking 2 litres of water each day**

** Quit eating sugary foods & drinks. This way you go STRAIGHT to burning fat when you exercise**


Shopping list essentials for this week

  • sardines

  • salmon

  • mackerel

  • tuna

  • walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts

  • eggs

  • sweet potatoes

  • butternut squash

  • broccoli/ asparagus/ swede/ spinach

  • chicken/ turkey

  • avocado

  1. WHAT TO DO?

TABATA every morning- What is it?

Working hard for short bursts then resting.

Here is the link to my online TABATA..

WHY DO TABATA each day?

1. You lose FAT WEIGHT not muscle weight. We want to preserve muscle strength as it is the biggest fat burning component on our bodies. Tabata (Metabolic Training) eats up fat stores FAST…

2. It stimulates Human Growth Hormone- slows down the ageing process... I'm all for that!

3. It is time efficient

4. It burns more fat in 4 minutes than a steady run or long boring cardio session that last for one hour with a post session after burn accelerating your at loss for up to 72 hours

The other factors to take into consideration are; good quality sleep, personal well-being (managing stress), balanced exercise plan, water intake all balanced & in harmony can leave you feeling genuinely full of vitality, calm & oozing inner contentment/joy.

Have a great positive healthy week.

Tracy x

P.S Need some motivation to get going? Group Exercise is so positive & uplifting…

Send me a message for the Fitness Classes Kendal Timetable.

Drop in & pay as you go classes in Kendal daily including; Yoga, Pilates, Mission to Condition, Circuit & Interval Training, Strength Resistance Training & HIIT, Step, Zumba, Fitness Fusion, Trampolining & Club Core & More..

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