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Best stretch for tight hips, glutes & lower back

Tracy Dixon Kendal fitness classess

#TRACYSRUNFITTIPS Is your running training tightening up your hips, glutes & lower back? There are many stretches you can do to relieve the tension….

However when you’re busy & need a ‘GO TO’ SUPER stretch that will stretch out ALL 3 HIPS, GLUTES & LOWER BACK!! I would highly recommend this stretch. Read below to see how to do it & for how long & when…


Lie on your back

Bend your knees & put the soles of your feet on the floor hip distance apart

Put your left ankle on your right thigh

Weave your hands behind your right leg and interlock gently pulling your closer to your chest

Keep your hips flat on the floor

Hold for 40 seconds

Then repeat on the other side

** You can do this stretch every day to release really tight muscles**

Dedicating a whole session to stretching once a week during your running training will pay HUGE DIVIDENDS.

  1. It will help you stay injury & niggle free

  2. Improve your running performance & potential

  3. Help you to recover quicker

Have you got any questions on stretching? Please send me a private Facebook Message or ask me about Yoga & Pilates Classes Kendal for runners…

Enjoy your running.


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