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Prevent, manage & treat back problems

Here are MY 3 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS to do regularly to manage, heal & prevent BACK PROBLEMS. #BACKCARE- Over 80% of adults in the UK will see a GP this year with a back related problem. Do you suffer from back ache, pain, niggles? Backs are complex & the nature of back problems wide & varied BUT when you get down to the nitty gritty whatever the causes & triggers there are ALWAYS things you can do to help yourself. Living with back aches/pains not only affects your physical confidence it can also affect your sleep, mood & mental state. Always thinking about what you can & cannot do is a real energy drain leaving you feeling exhausted. Making the decision to do something feels empowering & puts you back in control…

Please ‘Share’ with friends, family & work colleagues to help heal & prevent back problems- Thank you Tracyx


  1. Postural Awareness-

Being aware of how you stand, sit, drive, sleep & move is so important. WHY?

It is the small things that we do every day that have the biggest impact on our posture over time.

Here are some things you can do NOW to help your posture:

  • Make sure you stand up straight without slouching your shoulders forwards, hips level & feet forwards.

  • Check the height of your home & work chairs to ensure that your knees are not higher than your hips (this puts immense amounts of pressure on the back & weakens lower back muscles, leaving them achey & stiff.

  • Check your car seat driving position to make sure the angle does not go back too far putting excess pressure on your lower back, kicking you out of alignment.

  • When did you last change your mattress? Check out your bed. If it is really soft it will not support your spine to re-align at night when you are asleep & can cause real problems when your body needs to rest & re-align.

  1. Stretch out tight muscles-

When muscles get tight from physical or stress related triggers they pull your joints out of alignment & can cause a wide range of issues. This makes some muscles work harder than others so you end up with weak & dominant muscles that do not support you or perform efficiently.

The BEST thing to do is STRETCH regularly. I would consider doing 10 minutes of stretches every day & YOGA once or twice a week to focus for one hour on stretching.

Here are my weekly pay as you go Yoga Classes in Kendal

  • Mondays- 6.15pm @ Dean Gibson School

  • Wednesdays- 10.30am @ The Large Parish Hall Kirkland

  • Thursdays- 8.00pm @ Dean Gibson School

  • Fridays- 10.00am @ Kendal Town Hall

Here is a link to one of my 10 minute on-line stretch videos-

  1. Strengthen all your core muscles-

This has to be the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of back care for the longer term. Strengthen & conditioning all of the muscles in your core group to support your spine & your everyday movement, protecting your back now & for the future. Building up & strength muscles takes time. Anything worth having that you value is worth working for & investing time in. Pilates is one of the best ways to start to strengthen all muscles in your core.

Here are my weekly pay as you go Pilates Classes in Kendal

  • Mondays- 11.30am @ Kendal Town Hall

  • Mondays- 8.15pm @ Dean Gibson School

  • Tuesdays- 9.30am @ Carus Green Golf Club

  • Tuesdays- 8.15pm @ Kendal Town Hall

  • Wednesdays- 11.30am @ The Large Parish Hall Kirkland

  • Thursdays- 5.00 & 6.00pm @ Dean Gibson School

  • Fridays- 12.00pm @ Kendal Town Hall

I hope this is a useful prompt to know that there are many basic things you can do to help your back & build up a really strong foundation.

If you have any questions or would like advice please

send me a message

Yours in good health Tracyx

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