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My Trade Secrets to Snacking Strategy

Tracy Dixon Fitness Classess

Do you get snack attacks between 3.30-6.00pm & after 9.00pm?

Then my ESSENTIAL little know valuable TRADE SECRETS TO SNACKING STRATEGY- could REALLY HELP YOU…Snacking can be a NIGHTMARE & quickly sabotage all your good healthy eating habits, leaving you eating MORE than you wanted too & eventually a recipe for piling on EXCESS pounds!! Every day I get asked what are the best foods to snack on if you feel a bit peckish? Here are my TRADE SECRETS TO SNACKING STRATEGY…

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Snacking tends to occur for some of the following reasons

  1. It’s a habit

  2. Your bored

  3. You do it & don’t even realise you are having another biscuit with your tea until you’ve eaten it

  4. You’re not eating a big enough breakfast or lunch with the right food combinations so your blood sugar drops & you feel lousy & hungry in the afternoon & later on in the evening

  5. You think you deserve a snack because you need it for whatever reason

Does any of that sound familiar?


***Make sure you have eaten a large breakfast that is protein based to keep you feeling fuller for longer e.g poached eggs, scrambled eggs with cheese & tomatoes, omelette with spinach, mushrooms & onions, boiled egg & avocado, quinoa porridge, greek yoghurt with nuts are a few of my ideas for you.

***Lunch needs to include good fats, complex carbs & proteins again to STOP you craving sugary snacks in the afternoon & evening.

***Let’s say you have had the perfect breakfast & lunch for you & you want a snack?

What is the best thing to have?….


To keep your body weight & body fat in check when snacking choose a combination of

3 FOOD ITEMS. Each snack needs to contain protein, good fats, fibre & vitamins to keep you feeling full, stabilise blood sugar & keep you off the SUGARY SNACK ROLLER COASTER

For example the 1,2,3 could be

Cheese, tomatoes & a handful of grapes

Boiled egg, avocado & a small handful of nuts

If you have any questions about food, fat loss, fitness & performance please send me a message.

I will do my best to guide you.

Ask me about Club Core & More….

Tracy x

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