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Vicki’s long battle with back pain…finally gone


In Vicki's own words~very hopeful and inspiring for anyone who is struggling~


‘’Being a hairdresser for the last 23 years definitely takes its toll on your back.


I have suffered various degrees of pain from lower back, glute pain and in the last few years’ horrendous pain in my upper back and shoulders.


I have been to physios, osteopaths, deep tissue massage {which I have every month} but nothing has helped me as much as doing Pilates.


I have dipped in and out of Pilates over the years.

I have done it every week since November and the difference it has made has been unbelievable.


I no longer have any back pain which is amazing with my job.

I notice my core strength helps me through the long days standing in the salon and I’m so much stronger.


So I would like to say thank you Tracy for your amazing classes and Motivation’’….

Vicki x

💛Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey Vicki.

It’s both inspiring and hopeful to know you can eradicate pain that has been so over whelming and debilitating.

Your determination, consistency have paid off.

I'm so happy and long may your freedom and strength continue.


🔸Are you living with lower back, glute, neck or shoulder pain?


✔Get in touch with me. Let me understand YOU.


Blend together and suggest the right combination of exercises to help solve the muscular problems that can cause major muscle pain.


I teach Pilates classes live online and in my

Studios at The First Place Fitness Kendal from 21st June.

Click here to see all Pilates classes.


Tracy x

☎O77O9 594 947


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