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Understanding INSULIN and 1O Tips to improve resistance 👇 🤜

▫️Insulin is produced in your pancreas. It regulates the amount of glucose in your blood by allowing your body to use glucose for energy or to store.

▫️Glucose is a simple sugar that provides your body with its primary source of energy. It comes from eating carbs like rice, pasta, grains, veg and fruit.



To signal your liver, muscles and fat tissues to take up glucose from your blood and store it as glycogen. Also regulates HOW your body uses and stores glucose..

1- Use blood glucose for metabolic energy.

2- If fuel is not needed and blood glucose goes too high. it signals your liver to begin synthesising glycogen. Once stores are full it triggers option 3.

3- The synthesis of fat from absorbed blood glucose.


Not enough and cells are starved of their energy source.

A lack of insulin OR inability to respond to it effectively can lead to the development of the symptoms of diabetes Type



Type ONE is an autoimmune disorder.

Type TWO usually develops over time as insulin resistance.



Eating the wrong type or too much carbs will lead to large amounts of insulin being secreted. Continual elevation of insulin leads to fat gain. The more fat tissue you have, the harder it is for your body to use insulin, which leads to insulin resistance. Cells of your body become resistant to the hormone and the onset of type diabetes can occur.


And how exercise, diet and sleep can have a hugely positive effect…

1. Reduce mid-section fat.

2. Exercise for 5 hours a week.

3. Increase your muscle mass.

4. Choose slow-release carbs that are high in fibre.

5. Reduce your intake of refined carbs

6. Eat a diet rich in monounsaturated fat from sources such as extra virgin olive oil, nuts and avocado.

7. Eat your five-a day or more. Choose a variety of colourful veg and fruit.

8. Eat fish. Opt for oily fish, such as wild salmon and sardines.

9. Get sufficient vitamin D.

10. Sleep for seven or eight hours per night.

Is that helpful to know what you can do to improve?

Tracy X

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