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Thank you & Happy Christmas

From the bottom of my heart...

Thank you for all your support, care & love this year.

3 years ago I didn't think this was possible... 

Just after opening Kirkland Centre & First Place with all my life's savings, loans & hard work, 

I thought there is no way I can continue or sustain the spaces.. how am I going to do it?

I hoped it was & I dedicated myself to showing up everyday & giving 100%.

Learned a ton of useful stuff I didn't know- I didn't know!

And together we created a pathway forwards, which has brought us to this day....

Thanks to you it's been possible.

I'm hugely grateful to each & every one of you.

Nothing goes unnoticed; every smile, step across the threshold, message of thanks & feedback is a gift. 

I want to continue to provide a positive anchor for you... 

A 'safe' psychological & physical space for us to be ourselves, exercise to music, be social, meet like minded people, have a sense of belonging, a feeling of accomplishment (no matter how small), to get stronger, to build confidence & resilience in our abilities to know that whatever comes along...

You can handle it, just keep steady & keep showing up. Every step counts.

To know that the 'act' of regular exercise is phenomenally powerful for your health, fitness, & well-being with countless benefits that are instant & a huge investment into your future self.

Wishing you & your friends, families a joy filled time, full of laughter & positivity this Christmas.

Love, health & happiness

Tracy x 

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