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New Latin Dance Fitness Workout Video

Every week I am uploading brand new workout videos for you to keep fit, strong and feel energised. It's important to me that you have flexible access to be able to workout with me anytime that suits you day or night.

🎥 NEW WORKOUT video for you...// 15 minute LATIN DANCE AEROBIC WORKOUT// Level one for beginners.

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💃🕺 Switch your sound on 🔊Enjoy the motivating music as I talk, sing and dance you through the whole workout.


Today If you want to lift your mood, put a smile on our face, feel good and get your body moving then my basic level one Latin dance inspired aerobic workout is ideal for you.


It is a beginners workout to get your heart rate up a little and get positive energy flowing.


Thank you for watching , listening and doing Latin dance inspired aerobic session with me.


Tracy x

☎ O77O9 594 947


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