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Mary- manages weight, fat loss, menopause, depression and sleep with Lifestyle Club Core and More...

At Club Core and More Mary in 5 weeks Mary has lost:

1O inches, 6 pounds, shed a dress size, feels fitter and mentally better.. BUT more than that..... Read Mary's very open account below in her own words.

Managing menopausal symptoms, black cloud depression and sleep quality are huge health issue to have successfully tackled.

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Read in Mary's own very open words...

''I'm 52 and this class has helped me to start to feel good about myself and I'm amazed at my results over the last few weeks.

I feel happier, mentally healthier, over all fitter and have lost about 6lbs.

For the last few years it's been hard going. Hitting the age of 50 wasn't a problem for me but the changes that your body starts going through at about the same time was and still is, the dreaded menopause.

Gaining weight, hot flushes at any time of day and night. Only sleeping for a few hours most nights.

Most of these symptoms seem to have lessen since being on this programme from January and it must have a lot to do with being overall healthier.

I feel I'm in control of them at the moment.

In 2019 I felt they were controlling me and I was struggling mentally. In the past I've suffered with depression and that big black cloud was hanging over me again at the start of the year but with your classes and getting healthier, fitter, stronger my mental health has improved.

That cloud has lifted and I'm feeling ok again.

I sleep better and for longer, still not all night. Don't have hot flushes during the day and at night time they aren't as intense.

This last programme seems to have been just what I needed and seeing the results each week has had such positive effect on me that I just want to keep going and put as much effort as I can in to each class.

Love the meal planner you shared that's really helpful and thank you for doing what you do, it's inspiring and life changing''

Love Mary x

If you want to start Club Core and More to positively address all the issues Mary has successfully managed; menopause, sleep, mood, mental health, fitness, weight loss, inch loss, fat loss....

You can text me anytime ☎ O77O9 594 947 Tracy


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