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How to take charge of your internal response to external forces..

Over the last few weeks, news of the spread of COVID- 19 around the world has dominated media channels, inboxes and everyone is talking about it.


But even more shocking than the virus itself is what has happened in reaction to it.

  • The stock market has fallen.

  • Countries are on lockdown.

  • Panic buying.

  • Schools and establishments are closing.

  • World travel has ceased.

Many of these behaviours are driven by one emotion; FEAR.

Fear is a natural emotion that signals potential threats to your physical or emotional safety.

But fear unchecked by facts, leads to negative behaviours, mindsets and poor decision making.


So how can we avoid living in a state of continuous fear and panic?

Which in the long term is catastrophic for physical, mental and emotional health and well-being....


We have a number of decisions we make every moment of our waking days.

What am I going to focus on?

What we choose to focus on affects our whole lives and those of the people around us.

What we focus on we feel- whether it's true or not.


So what are you going to focus on? Are you going to continuously let the cultural landscape of fear, panic and anxiety draw your focus? Or are you going to monitor and guard the door of your mind?


Standing guard and monitoring your mind does not mean living in a bubble or ignoring reality- It simply means making conscious decisions about what you are willing to FOCUS on and give your time, energy and effort to.


These are uncertain times and the unknown continues to prevail. Media coverage will only become more hyped...

In these time we need to remember to stand up and consciously stand guard at the door of our minds. If we don't discipline our fears and control and direct our personal focus, the world and media will gladly do it for us.


Feel empowered.

Love Tracy x



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