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Lose excess belly fat

Tracy Dixon Mind and Body Fit

Do you want to lose excess belly fat? Have a few extra pounds & flab crept on over the last few weeks? Follow my ‘5 Golden Rules’ for 3 weeks & I guarantee you will shred off your belly fat & drop pounds. PLUS below you have ACCESS to my 4 minute ON-LINE High Intensity Interval Training Home Workout Video.

Break at your own risk!!!

RULE 1- You are still eating sugary cereals, having toast & a cup of tea in a morning for breakfast!

SWITCH to eating a high protein breakfast to rev up your metabolism & start burning more calories from the moment you get up e.g 2 eggs scrambled with salmon, 2 eggs poached with bacon, greek yoghurt with a handful of natural nuts… this will stop mid-morning & afternoon snacking as well!

RULE 2- You eat sandwiches & bread on a regular basis!

STOP! Bread can have up to 2 added tea spoons of sugar per slice (huge belly fat alert) quit eating bread for fat loss fantastic results…

RULE 3- You are not cooking natural foods for your evening meal… you use jars, sauces, processed foods, packaged stuff that has a stack of secret sugars in the ingredients.

Cooking simple meals from scratch using a wide range of vegetables, meats & fish are really nutrient dense & will keep you on track e.g salmon, broccoli & roasted sweet potatoe, steak, roasted veg & mushrooms with salad, homemade curries….

EXTRA TOP TIP- Aim to have eaten your evening meal by 7.00pm then give your body a break from digesting food, NO evening snacking.. it can raise fat & blood sugar levels for hours, then it gets stored as FAT.

RULE 4- When you drink you are reaching for a latte, fruit juices, dilute juice, coke, oasis….

They are all loaded with sugar up to 13 tea spoons per drink, switch to water & fruit teas & watch your hydration levels lift & the fat flush away. Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water each day…

RULE 5- You are not firing your metabolism up every day with high intensity exercise….

4 minutes is all it takes to stoke your metabolic fires each day. Here is the link to my 4 minute Tabata videos. If you do one every morning you will start to notice a positive difference in your mental outlook & physical condition very quickly.

I hope this is useful.

Need some extra motivation? Come & join me in classes Kendal..


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