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Bloated & Lack of Energy?

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That AWFUL BLOATED feeling can be caused by the imbalance of 2 minerals, water retention & a whole mix of other food & drink factors!! Do you get regular stomach discomfort that can leave you feeling sluggish & lacking energy? Here are my 5 TOP FOODS for reducing stomach bloating to leave you feeling FRESHER, your abs FLATTER & to boost you energy up!! WHAT ARE THEY & WHY DO THEY WORK….

I have eaten & drunk so many different foods over the last few weeks I am surprised my digestive system has not gone on strike! If you, like me would like to give your stomach a helping hand to refresh itself, reducing inflammation & bloating then these foods tips will instantly help.

If you work the following foods into your diet you will see results within 48 hours.


Water retention is one of the most common causes of that horrible bloated feeling. Surprisingly, eating water-rich foods that are low in fibre such as cucumber or watermelon will help your body release the excess water AND remember to drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day.


Ginger is a bit of a wonder food. It's a natural inflammatory so one of the best home remedies for beating colds, soothing sore muscles & relieving sickness. It also helps relax the muscles in your digestive tract relieving any tension & bloat. Add it into your diet by grating fresh ginger into juices, smoothies & chopping it into stir frys.


Greek yoghurt is filled with good bacteria that can help reduce the bad bacteria in your gut keeping you healthy & feeling bloat free.


That awful bloated feeling is often caused by an imbalance of two minerals - not enough potassium & too much sodium. If your sodium levels are too high your tissues will hold fluid so eating foods loaded with potassium such as bananas will help balance you out reducing the bloat.


Green tea is great for fighting the bloat as well as boosting your metabolism. So if you're looking to lose a few pounds drinking around 3-5 cups a day is a great way to give your weight loss a kick start and show off those abs!

I hope this is useful.

Tracy x

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