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The Mind & Body 'Wall of Achievement'...

Real people achieving inspiring accomplishments in real life is what motivates & inspires us all. 

From overcoming personal challenges to making a difference in their lives, these individuals show us what is possible when we set minds to something. Join us in celebrating their achievements & let their stories inspire you to reach for your own goals.
1 Jane loses 47 bags of flour with Tracy Dixon.png
1 Ian Lambert one to one journey reaps amazing life changing results.png
1 Jenny on living well into old age & not just surviving it.png
1 Gina lose 3.5 stone & radically reduces running times working with Tracy Dixon Mind & Bo
1 Lisa tried to improve her running pace for over a year- she was stuck at over 9 minute m
1 David runs Lakeland 50 Strong after doing Tracy Dixon's Classes.png
1 Sue weight loss journey achieving all her short, medium & long term goals in 12 weeks wi
1 Sonia loses 5 stonw in 25 weeks.png
Tracy Dixon Mind and Body Fit 1 Anna get life changing results doing Pilates after back su
1 Sarah starts her jpurney back to strength after a serious hip injury stops her running T
1 Andy gets personal best  and wins by 22 minutes on Cumbria Cracker Cycle Event after tak
Tracy Dixon Mind and Body Fit Pilates classes rehab from injury helps angela win running r
Rob 1 Pilates classes Kendal with Tracy Dixon.png
Tracy Dixon Mind and Body Fit Strong enough to swin.png
Joe Pilates 1.png
pw 1.png
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