Do you want to get fitter, more toned, leaner, stronger, healthier & happier?

then look no further! 

With a wide range of pay as you go group exercise & fitness classes running

every week in Kendal at The First Place, Kirkland, Kendal.

A brand new facility dedicated to mind & body group exercise,

fitness & well-being classes for tots, kids, teens, adults & super seniors... 

I can help you look & feel the way you want to be.

There has never been a more vital time to look after your

physical and mental health and wellness.

I teach a wide range of mind and body classes to keep you healthy, fit, strong and well.

Tracy Dixon Mind & Body Fit

 Group Fitness & Exercise Classes in Kendal include;

Yoga // Pilates // Foam Rolling // IN10SITY HIIT high intensity interval training //

Body Pump & HIIT // Zumba Dance Fitness // Mini Trampolining // Aerial Fitness

Aerial Yoga //Blitz, Combat & Tabata // CLUB CORE & MORE //

Step, Cardio & Core // Mission to Condition // Circuit & Interval Training // Total Combat & HIIT //  FITBALL // Hi Lo Impact Aerobics // Step   

WHAT'S HAPPENING from 23rd March ?

All activities at The First Place and The Kirkland Centre, Kendal are now temporarily suspended until businesses can resume as normal.


  • I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart..

  • I value and appreciate you..


I want you to know;

  • We are all in this together..

  • We have all been impacted and everything is changing BUT 

  • I am still still here..and I can continue to motivate you

  • My mission is still the same- Fit For Life, Mind and Body Health, Fitness and Well-Being.. 

  • It's more vital now then ever to look after ourselves and everyone around us that we care about and love.

  • My values, beliefs, passion and commitment to continue to serve you are UNWAVERING...

  • We are united... we are connected... we can continue to maintain our relationships, connections, mental, physical health and wellness in so many ways and the day we do get back together again to do our Mind and Body Group Exercise Classes will be a phenomenal feeling.



  • I am continue to serve existing class members.

  • Providing specific practical solutions; videos, written, spoken to keep fit, strong and healthy in mind and body.


I will be communicating with you by email and giving you all the links, tips and information on a weekly basis.

If you would like to be included please click the link to email me here:

Fitter & more Confident
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