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Your Transformations & Success Stories

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What's Lifestyle Club Core & More all about &
how can I help you succeed? ...
Tracy x
What's included with each
45 minute class?
  • 45 minute weekly classes for; Core Strength, Body Tone, Fitness, Lower Ab Toning & Fat Burning.

  • Personal Body Composition tracking with measurements.

  • Personal written weekly message to your inbox with guidance & tips on food, nutrition, recipes, fat loss, fitness, exercise education mind-set & motivation.

  • Exclusive access to on-line home workout videos & audios.

  • Between 3-15 pounds + weight loss in 18 weeks.

  • Between 3-10 inches + off your belly fat in 18 weeks.

  • Reducing your body fat % between 3-10% in 18 weeks.

  • Stronger back, abs & core muscles.

  • Increased body tone & definition.

  • You will be aerobically fitter & able to do more without being out of breath.

What kind of results you can expect from the day you start?
Tracy's Success Facts:
  • Lost 3 stone in scales weight

  • Over 10 inches from her stomach

  • Over 5 inches off the top of each thigh

  • Arms, waist, hips, back all lost inches, body fat and now super toned up..

  • Lowering her Body Fat into a lean, healthy zone

Fiona's Success Facts:
  • Lost 2 stone 2 pounds in scales weight

  • Over 14 inches from her midriff

  • Transformed  her lower abs, lifestyle, shape & body tone in less than 16 weeks

Laura's Success Facts:
  • 4 inches off her midriff

  • Body Fat % reduction

  • More toned, defined waist, legs, hips, thighs and arms

  • Lower abs lifted

Lauren's Success Facts:
  • Lost over 9% body fat

  • Lost over 1 stone scales weight

  • Lost over 5 inches from her lower stomach

  • Lost over 3 inches from each thigh

  • Toned up arms, legs & back

Lisa's Success Facts:
  • 2 stone scales weight loss

  • Lost over 1o inches off her stomach

  • 5 inches off each thigh

  • Waist, back, legs, hips & highs toned & leaner


FRIDAYS-           9.15-10.00am 



SATURDAYS-    10.3O-11.15am    

Fitness Classes 2021 

At The First Place, Kirkland, Kendal