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Wondering where to start with your diet, fitness and mind-set after Christmas and New Year?

I can guarantee you body change results with my NEW CLUB CORE AND MORE PROGRAMME- Read below to see what you can expect 😮 . ✔You can start anytime- come along and pay on the day/night £6 . ✔You can do any Club Core Class on the timetable- see classes below👇 THE CLUB CORE AND MORE 45 MINUTE CLASSES All at The First Place, Kirkland, Kendal Monday- 9.15am Tuesday- 5.15pm Friday- 9.15am Friday- 5.15pm Saturday- 1Oam

✔All classes are flexible, drop in and pay as you go

✔You will get a personal email every week supporting you with tons of up to date advice and education on nutrition, food, cooking, recipes and women's wellness.

✔Personal body composition tracking to measure your success if you have shape change goals.


🎶THE MUSIC- Motivating Top Tunes from 8O's, 9O's, OO's

💪THE CLASS PLAN AND EXERCISES- Aerobic start Lower Body Toning Standing Build Fitness Cardio High Energy Cardio Lower Body Toning Standing Tabata HIIT 8 minutes for fat burning Combat Ab Toning - Using weight Core Training - Using natural body weight


WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM CLASS 🔸More energy and motivation 🔸Inch loss from 3-1O inches from your stomach in 7 weeks 🔸Body Composition changes- lower body fat more muscle tone 🔸A personal weekly email focused on food education, nutrition advice, fat loss, weight loss, recipes, meal ideas 🔸To feel aerobically fitter 🔸To have better core strength and stability 🔸To be more toned in your arms and legs, back and stomach


READY TO START A CLASS? If you have any questions please ask ☎ O77O9 594 947 Send me a private message

. If you are seeking accountability tell me what you are aiming for and I can help you achieve it.

It's easy and simple... Come along 5 minutes before classes start at The First Place, Kirkland, Kendal Pay as you go Register before class

Get fit, toned and improve your core strength. Change your body shape, confidence and size just like Mel, Tracy, Kensy, Belinda and countless other women have.. . Have a positive and healthy start to your week. Love Tracyx

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