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Yoga, Breathing & Relaxation Classes

in Kendal with Tracy Dixon

Pay as you go Ante Natal Classes

Yoga, Breathing & Relaxation in Pregnancy-
Classes in Kendal

Fridays-     1.OO-2.15pm -        £8 pay as you go

Booking is essential. Classes are intimate for comfort so

I can give you individual attention & guidance.

The Venue- The Kirkland Centre Kendal LA9 5AF

Here at my beautiful new venue situated at the South entrance to Kendal occupying a delightful riverside position. 

Classes take place in my new Main Studio, which has mirrors for instant feedback on technique, posture and position. This gives you a greater sense of understanding and empowerment, whilst making all the exercises as effective as possible.

A space designed with your comfort in mind from ceiling to floor.

There is also plenty of on-site parking available. 

How to

book your

place in a


Send me a personal message:

You can call, text me and ask me any questions:

O77O9 594 947

Pilates, Yoga and Exercising during your pregnancy is good for you. It is also good for you baby.

As long as you are well and healthy, Pilates and Yoga can be adapted to each trimester for you to keep feeling good, healthy, strong and well until birth date.  


The Top 5 Benefits of doing Pilates, Yoga and Keeping Fit during your Pregnancy include:

  1. Fewer pregnancy complications. It can relieve back ache due to the increasing strain, keeping your core and pelvic muscles stronger to cope with the demands. It also helps you to relax and unwind.

  2. You are less likely to gain weight in pregnancy. When you are active and more aware of your bodies needs you are more likely to keep watchful eye over your food choices. Keeping active also burns calories too.

  3. You are setting yourself up to have an easier birth day. Being stronger both physically and mentally, knowing how to relax, breathe and being more in-tune with your body is such a positive thing and can make a HUGE difference on the day.

  4. Recovery is quicker after birth. Your stomach muscles bounce back quicker and you have a good foundation when you really need it to lift and carry your baby.

  5. Your babies health and well-being are greatly improved when you gently exercise and do Pilates. Keeping active doing Pilates can decrease the risk of your baby developing diabetes in the womb.

Tracy x

As a fully qualified and experienced ante and post natal professional and registered hypnotherapist, with extensive teaching experience that spans 3 decades in groups and one to one settings, I understand that everyone has different needs and capabilities. Trust, listening, knowledge and adapting are paramount for the safety of you and your baby during your pregnancy. I can provide that caring guidance for you at all stages. 
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