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Online 'Live' Group Exercise & Fitness Classes



New 3O min classes

  • Express Body Pump- Arms/Upper Body

  • Yoga Stretch- Neck/Shoulders/Back

  • Yoga Stretch- Hamstrings/Hips/Gluts

  • IN1OSITY HIIT- X 5 Cardio Tabata's

Tracy Dixon Mind and Body Fit Summer Liv

How to join an online class?

Text me: O77O9 594 947- 3 things...

  1. Your name​.

  2. Your google email address. We use Google Meet for online private classes.

  3. Your class choices for the week.

What happens next?

  1. I will text back confirming your classes and send you bank details for payment.

  2. 3 minutes before your class starts you will get an email invite.

  3. You accept and we are ready to workout... easy.

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