Online 'Live' Group Exercise & Fitness Classes




New for APRIL- 3O min classes

  • Deep Stretches and Foam Rolling

  • Express Body Pump- Arms/Upper Body

  • Express Body Pump- Legs/Glutes

  • Yoga Stretch- Neck/Shoulders/Back

  • Yoga Stretch- Hamstrings/Hips/Glutes

  • IN1OSITY HIIT- 5 Tabata's no kit

  • 9O's Club Dance Cardio Aerobics 

  • Combat Fight Fit Fat Burner

  • Seated Chair Exercises

How to join an online class?

Text me: O77O9 594 947- 3 things...

  1. Your name‚Äč.

  2. Your google email address. We use Google Meet for online private classes.

  3. Your class choices for the week.

What happens next?

  1. I will text back confirming your classes and send you bank details for payment.

  2. 3 minutes before your class starts you will get an email invite.

  3. You accept and we are ready to workout... easy.

Text me

to fast track

your bookings

O77O9 594 947

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  • @tracydixonmindbodyfit

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