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January 01, 2020

I am delighted to share this with you...

After two years of planning, building, renovating and innovating The First Place in Kirkland, Kendal is officially opening it's doors.

The facility is dedicated to group exercise, fitness and well-being classes, events and prorgammes for tots, kids, teens, adults and super seniors.

It has an incredibly spacious and dynamic sprung workout floor.

All the equipment is stored for easy access.

There are private lockable personal storage spaces.

All classes are taught from a stage so that you can see and hear all instructions with ease, making your class more effective.

You can park outside the building.

It is easily accessible from the south side of Kendal and visible from the roadside.

I will look forward to welcoming you on your fitness journey in 2020.

Whatever your goals there are so many classes on the timetable to suit your level, aims and capabilities.

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