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Tracy Dixon Mind & Body Fit TV

Here are my Home Workout Videos, you can workout with me any time...
Low Impact High Energy 
HIIT - Tabata Training
12 of the Best Arm Sculpting &
Toning Exercises Ever!! 
Hard Core HIIT for Fat Burning
HIIT - Tabata Training

Build your aerobic fitness levels, tone your arms, upper body, legs & Abs with my NEW Low Impact, High Energy 4 Minute Tabata.
Ideal for Beginners- no jumping &  nice to your knees!
If you are advanced you can add jumps for increased intensity.
No Kit Needed.. 
Enjoy getting fitter and stronger every day.

Tracy's 1O minute blended Pilates & Stretch Home Video for your back, neck shoulders, hips & hamstrings

If you want to tone, firm & sculpt your arms & upper body then this is the home workout for you… 
Here’s my BRAND NEW Home Workout Video-

12 of the Best Arm Sculpting & Toning Exercises Ever!! An 8 minute workout with weights that guarantees sexy, sleek arm toning results quickly!

You do need weights.  
So exciting. I love seeing results & definition from doing BRILLIANT ARM exercises that hit the spot.

Enjoy feeling good, fit & getting strong, toned arms.

6 of the Best Stomach Toning & Flattening Exercises Ever!! 

The 7 major benefits of Tabata HIIT Training: Working hard for short bursts

1. You lose FAT WEIGHT not muscle weight. We want to preserve muscle strength as it is the biggest fat burning component on our bodies. Tabata (Metabolic Training) eats up fat stores FAST…

2. It stimulates Human Growth Hormone- slows down the ageing process... I'm all for that!

3. Time efficient

4. Burns more fat in 4 minutes than a steady run or long boring cardio session that last for one hour with a post session after burn accelerating your fat loss for up to 72 hours

5. Boost your aerobic and anaerobic fitness benefiting your heart and cardiovascular system. Life just gets easier!

6. There is no need for any fancy equipment, gym memberships. You can do it anywhere, totally flexible.

7. It is challenging, motivating and endorphins boosting leaving you feeling energised physically and mentally.



Effective stretches to release neck and upper back tension-
Tracy's Education Series- 5 minutes
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