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Deep Stretch, Foam Roll & Release
2023 Workshops

For runners, cyclists, swimmers, hikers, sports & active people

Do you hold tension in your body?
Muscle tension, stiffness can be a side product of being active, emotional stress, work based stress, injury & illness recovery & posture related.
◼️ Do you run, cycle, swim, hike, workout?
◼️ Have you got a sit down element to your job?
◼️ Are you the kind of person who stores stress in their body?

Holding tension in your body, having stiff muscles can cause aching joints, discomfort, impair your physical performance
& can lead to niggles becoming injuries.
It can also leave you feeling heavy, short on energy & lacking oommpphh.

I'm running a series of 1 hour 15 mins experiential workshop where we will stretch, roll & release.
Leaving you feeling lighter, more flexible, energised & well recovered from your week's activity.

I will take you through 3 stages:
1- 45 minutes of deep stretches for all major muscle groups.
2- 15 minutes of rolling to release deeper muscle stiffness.
3- 15 minutes of trigger point release to assist with deep structure muscle massage.

I will be guiding you with so many gems of information to help you get the most from your workouts & recovery sessions, so you can perform at your best avoiding problems that can turn into injuries that stop play!
If you would like to join any of the workshops you can text to fast track your bookings:
📲 Text: 07709 594 947

You need:
> Mat
> Foam Roller
> 2 Tennis Balls
No kit? no worries I have a supply that you can use on the day at no extra cost.

Deep Stretch, Foam Roll & Release
2023 dates

Sunday 26th March: 5:30-6:45pm
All workshops are held at The First Place Fitness, Kirkland, Kendal LA9 5AF.

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