Very excited to share this with you. . On Saturday 13 July I’m launching . //FIT NIGHT OUT EVENTS// . At The Kirkland Centre. Bringing you an awesome mix of Event Nights set to get your heart pounding & invigorate your senses, including; Back to 199O’s Dance Club Classics Bounce Fit Party Step up to The Streets Dance Overdrive Fame We Love the 8O’s 7O’s Disco Hip, Hop & Happy Rock, Reggae & RnB All events include; Themed venue Themed health food- Free Themed Motivating Music, DJ Songs, Amazing energy through Group Exercise …… I’m excited to share more soon. Keep up to date with me INSTA @tracymindbodyfit FACEBOOK

Joe's bad back had stopped him playing golf. Pilates got him back on the green....

Playing better golf than ever before at the age of 67... It’s awful when you have back pain and it stops you from enjoying the things you want to do. This is Joe’s story in his own words below. A remarkable turnaround, giving hope and inspiration to anyone who thinks you have to put up with it- you don’t…. . I have worked with so many individuals like Joe who have just about given up… It’s never too late. There are so many ways to prevent back problems, help them get better, stronger, reduce pain altogether and rehabilitate, when you understand; the person, the mechanics, the conditions and then can offer a pathway towards recovery. Joe's own words.... I am 67 years of age, retired and love

Lauren's 9 month battle from defeated to triumphant over 5 major personal barriers in one to one

😢‘’I was broken when I walked through the door, at an all time low, horrendous fatigue and chronic pain with multiple diagnosis’’… 👇Read Lauren’s 9 month battle from defeated to triumphant over 5 major personal barriers. 🔸Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 🔸Fibromyalgia, 🔸Postural Tachycardia Syndrome and 🔸Hyper mobile-🔸EDS (Elhers danlos syndrome). 💕Love you to ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Tag’ friends, family or work colleagues that need a motivational, positive real life journey of hope. . Thank you Lauren for giving us inspiration by sharing your journey so far with us… . THE START 👟👟 When Lauren walked in through the door at The Kirkland Centre last September she was at an all time low, defeat

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