Andy Smashes his Personal Best on the Fred Whitton Cycle Challenge after taking up Pilates...

‘’Massive thanks Tracy for your Pilates Classes that have developed my core strength and muscle tone. It benefited me enormously in this years Fred Whitton Cycling Challenge. I achieved my Personal best time of 7hrs 25 mins what a difference it made to have that core strength on the numerous big climbs in the Fred Thanks again Tracy I looking forward to more’’.. Andy x Huge congratulations to Andy who smashed his Personal Best this year and came in the top 1O% of all riders. Amazing achievement. Tracy x . Do you want to build your core strength, improve your posture, tone your stomach muscles, strengthen your back & glutes, stretch out stiff muscles? . So many people can benefit from doing P

Want to get fit, healthy, strong? TOP 5 TIPS to getting started

You want to get fit, healthy, toned, strong but feel overwhelmed where do you start? Sometimes taking the first step and getting started is the hardest challenge.. here are my TOP 5 TIPS to taking your first steps on your fitness and health journey. 1. ​THINK LONG TERM AND ACT SHORT TERM Set your goal and imagine what it will feel like when you have achieved it. Then forget it and spend all of your time, energy and focus on the steps each day that will take you towards your goal. Be consistent, be patient. 2. CONQUER FEELINGS OF BEING OVERWHELMED Trying to change and do everything at once is definitely setting yourself up for failure. Pick one thing, change it, master it, create new habits a

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