Benefits of Yoga for runners and cyclists

Yoga Classes for runners & cyclists in Kendal- no experienced needed. You have a tremendous amount to gain from doing Yoga regularly that is designed specifically to address the issues created by running, cycling & sports that continue to use the same muscle groups over & over. This is HOW Yoga can help you… . MAIN BENEFITS: IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY: Yoga stretches muscles out that are tight, which in turn increases than range of movement in related joints. Increased flexibility decreases stiffness, results in greater ease of movement, reduces nagging aches & pains. BALANCED STRENGTH: Running & cycling use mainly the muscles from the hips down. Yoga uses your whole body. Strengthening your upper

7 reasons why we can fail our fitness goals... My 7 Motivational Tips to get you back on track

Here’s my Top 7 reasons why we can fail our health and fitness goals- My Motivation to get you back on track… You’re exercising, training, eating healthy, doing all the ‘right things’ & you just don’t seem to be meeting your goals & achieving what you want? If this is something you can resonate with you may find this interesting.. ▶You’re expecting results too fast, too soon. Being consistent always produces results. Change will happen but you must keep going. Trusting the process and doing something positive every day to contribute towards your goals and you WILL ACHIEVE. ▶You haven’t got a clear plan. You may have a strong idea about your final destination, but if your daily actions aren’t

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