When I first met Lucy she could hardly move her arms and certainly couldn’t raise the right arm higher than her shoulder without pain…. Lucy’s words.... Having suffered two bad frozen shoulders, I contacted Tracy to ask her advice about classes that would aid my recovery. I started weekly Pilates and Yoga. In the beginning I struggled due to the restricted movement in my shoulder but Tracy is so positive and encouraging she kept me motivated. 3 months on and the classes have made a huge difference. I feel strong and have re-gained so much movement, strength and flexibility. I now have the confidence and have just started Body Pump Strength Resistance Training with Tracy to increase my streng

Want to tone up, feel more body confident?

After looking at this holiday pic Matthew decided he wanted to change. To get fitter, toned up & to feel more confident- You did it! 💪WOW what an outstanding transformation 😮 congratulations Matt- amazing.. very proud of your massive effort & consistency. 🏋️‍♂️This is how he did it:- ✔Matt does Body Pump & HIIT Class every week on Wednesdays 8.15pm- This group exercise class uses; clips, a range of weights, bar bell. It is a functional strength resistance training programme that progresses over 16 weeks as you get fitter & stronger. There is also a high intensity interval training section. This combination burns fat, improves your cardiovascular fitness levels, lowers your body f

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