Tracy Dixon's Aerial Classes Kendal

I'm thrilled & excited to be able to announce the opening of Kendal & South Lakelands first & only dedicated mirrored spacious Aerial Fitness Studio

at my new venue The Kirkland Centre, Kendal, LA9 5AF. A passion project put together with love & care. A space devoted to your health, fitness & well-being.

Kendal's 2020 Aerial Classes

Aerial Stretch

Aerial Fit



Deeply stretch all of your muscles & your spine with the use of the aerial swing & your own body weight. Whilst being supported by the swing you are able to go deeper into each stretch improving your flexibility without increasing muscle tension, just releasing muscular tension leaving you feeling invigorated & less stiff.



Combining the foundation principles of Pilates, core strength, stability & toning exercises using the aerial swing. It provides an incredibly effective way to become stronger, fitter & toned in a innovative way.

Stimulating your mind & body this class will leave you feeling invigorated & well worked. 

Aerial Yoga


Using the aerial swing in ways to support you to carry out Yoga poses that will leave you feeling deeply well stretched, relaxed, releasing mind & body tension. You don't need any Yoga experience to benefit from this class. I teach to meet your needs. With the groups being intimate I can give you plenty of individual attention.

Would you like to start a class? What to do next...

  1. Before you can enter into a class you must attend an Aerial Class Skills Workshop.

  2. You can attend as many workshops as you like to try all the different classes. 

  3. All workshops can be booked by checking the dates below and sending me a message.

  4. As soon as you have completed the skills workshop in your chosen class you can then select a class to book onto.

  5. Classes are booked in a block of 5 at a cost of £4O or £1O pay as you go, text or email in advance.

  6. You can book onto as many blocks as you like.

1. Make an Aerial Class Workshop Booking?

Up to date Aerial Workshops with availability today

Aerial Workshop dates 2020

The next Aerial Workshops in Kendal with availability are:

4 in 1 Stretch, Strength, Fit, Yoga


17 October 2020


9 places available


14 November 2020


9 places available


5 December 2020


9 places available

Workshop Payment:

£2O Aerial Workshop

Please make cheques payable to:

The Kirkland Centre Limited

Bank Transfers:

Sort Code: O1O466     

Account Number: 33745269 

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Aerial Classes Kendal at The Kirkland Ce
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2. Make an Aerial Class Booking?
Once you have attended a Workshop you can then book your Aerial classes at The Aerial Fitness Studio, Kirkland Centre, Kendal.

Aerial Class Schedule Kendal

Aerial Classes from 1st October- 22nd December 2020

Aerial Yoga

Mondays 1.3O-2.3Opm @ The Kirkland Centre, Kendal- LA9 5AF

Classes are booked in a block of 5 at a cost of £4O or £1O pay as you go, text or email in advance.